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Retractable Banners – Standard

Elevate Your Message, Effortlessly.
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Elevate Your Message, Effortlessly.

Our Aluminum Retractable Banner Stands are available with 10 mil indoor premium vinyl banners and are just as versatile as our “X-style” banner stands. The retractable stands are conveniently packed in a small bag and set up in a few easy steps.

Banner Stand Carrying Case.

Your custom printed retractable banner comes with a complimentary carrying case. Use this travel bag to take your pull up banner anywhere.

Enduring Quality

Robust 13oz matte vinyl to ensure each banner stands the test of time and use. The glare-resistant material guarantees your message is always in the spotlight

Flexible Functionality.

Designed to adapt to a multitude of environments, retractable banners are the go-to choice for a wide array of events.

Pricing & Pace

Starting at $40 for 1.
4 day processing time.
Nationwide shipping.
No design? We’ll design it.

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Retractable Banners – Standard

Elevate Your Message, Effortlessly.

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FAQ + Specs

The in’s and outs, and everything in between.

Our retractable banners are printed on 13oz matte vinyl, which is known for its durability and ability to reduce glare under strong lighting conditions. This ensures that your message is always visible, regardless of the lighting environment.

The retractable banner stand features two twist-out feet that provide a stable base, ensuring that your banner remains upright and secure during events and shows.

The standard size for our pull up banners is 33" x 81", which strikes the perfect balance between making a significant visual impact and being compact enough to fit into trade show spaces or busy conventions.

Retractable banners are designed for easy portability. Each banner comes with a complimentary carrying case, allowing you to transport your banner conveniently from one event to another.

Retractable banner stands are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Trade shows
  • Fitness clubs
  • Concerts
  • Fundraisers
  • Charities
  • Office displays
  • New product launches
  • Travel and hospitality promotions
  • Safety announcements
  • Health fairs
  • Retail marketing
  • Restaurant menus
  • Auto sales events
  • Insurance agency advertising
  • Real estate open houses
  • Healthcare information

While it is possible to switch out the banners, we advise against it as it can be a challenging process that may damage the print or stand.

When setting up your artwork for standard retractable banners, please allow a 0.5” bleed on all sides. Your artwork should be exactly 34” x 81” to be cut down to the final size of 33” x 80”.

Deluxe banner stands offer a more stylish look with a larger, heavier base and chrome accents. They are available with either single- or double-sided retractable hardware, providing a more premium display option.

No, there is no minimum order requirement for standard retractable banner stands. You can order quantities ranging from 1 to 100.

Retractable banner stands are primarily designed for indoor use to ensure their longevity. While they can be used outdoors, we recommend keeping them inside to protect them from the elements.

Opaque Window Graphics, window clings, perforated window vinyl, calendared window vinyl, and cast vinyl are all distinct types of window signage with their own advantages:

  • Opaque Window Graphics: These are printed on an 8mil opaque film with a 1mil clear adhesive, offering excellent blockout coverage. They are not see-through and allow for two different images to be printed back-to-back on a single sheet. Ideal for when you need a solid background without transparency.
  • Window Clings: Made from a thin vinyl film that adheres to surfaces using static cling rather than an adhesive. They are easy to remove and reposition, suitable for temporary promotions. Opaque window clings provide a frosted look and are not see-through.
  • Perforated Window Vinyl: Known as one-way vision film, this material has tiny holes that allow for one-way visibility. From the outside, the printed design is visible, but from the inside, viewers can see out. It’s great for privacy and advertising at the same time.
  • Calendared Window Vinyl: A more rigid vinyl that’s suitable for short to medium-term applications. It’s less expensive than cast vinyl and easier to handle and apply due to its rigidity.
  • Cast Vinyl: This is a premium vinyl that’s known for its durability and flexibility. It’s produced by pouring the vinyl into a casting sheet and then processing it through ovens, which makes it highly conformable and ideal for complex surfaces. Cast vinyl is typically used for high-quality, long-term graphics and is more resistant to shrinking and environmental conditions compared to calendared vinyl.

Each type serves different purposes, and the right choice depends on factors like visibility, permanence, and whether the graphics will be viewed from one side or both sides of the window. Opaque Window Graphics are best for full privacy and double-sided designs, window clings for temporary and repositionable signage, perforated window vinyl for one-way visibility, calendared window vinyl for cost-effective, shorter-term applications, and cast vinyl for high-end, long-lasting installations.

Our standard retractable banners come with single-sided prints, showcasing your custom graphics in full color. However,  Honeybold also offer double-sided versions for those who wish to maximize their message’s visibility from multiple directions. The double-sided banners are loaded into a sturdy aluminum base, just like the single-sided ones, and include a convenient carrying case for easy transport. Whether you choose single or double-sided, you can be confident that your message will stand out at any event. If you have any specific requirements or questions about our double-sided retractable banners, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to ensure your display needs are met with the highest quality products.

Consider This

What you should know before purchasing.


What You'll Love

  • Effortless Setup: Quick and simple to set up, ideal for events where time is limited.
  • Versatile and Adaptable: The stand can be kept while the graphic is swapped out for different campaigns.
  • Easy To Carry: The banner retracts into a small base, making it portable and easy to transport.
  • Effective and Reliable: When designed and printed correctly, they successfully display your message and attract attention.
  • Professional Appearance: Offers a sleek and professional look suitable for various settings.
  • Reusable: Can be used multiple times for different events, making them a cost-effective option.

Points to Ponder

  • Rips and Tears: Possible if the banner is printed on low-quality material.
  • Retraction Issues: Can arise from poor installation or damaged spring mechanisms.
  • Color Fading: Low-quality prints can result in dull colors that fade over time.
  • Limited Size: May not be suitable for displaying large amounts of information or for very large displays.
  • Wind Sensitivity: May require additional weights or securement in windy conditions.
  • Storage: When not in use, they need to be stored properly to avoid damage.


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