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Mounted Canvas

Canvas Crafted for Class.
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Canvas Crafted for Class.

Transform your indoor spaces with our high-quality Mounted Canvas, the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Our Mounted Canvas prints exude a contemporary vibe with an ultra-modern edge, printed on superior 17mil artist canvas for a deeply textured visual experience.

Mounted on sturdy yet lightweight stretcher bars, they provide a minimalist, elegant look that complements any design style. Whether for business branding or personal expression, our Mounted Canvas is an ideal choice for showcasing logos, graphics, photographs, and more. Available in various standard sizes, it’s suited for a range of settings from homes and offices to galleries and beyond.

Modern Edge

Mounted Canvas brings a contemporary edge to any space, combining the classic appeal of traditional art with a sleek, modern presentation

Artistic Quality

Printed on premium 17mil artist canvas, Mounted Canvas offers a high-quality, textured backdrop for your most cherished visuals.

Minimalist Design

The chic, minimalist effect of Mounted Canvas, supported by lightweight and durable stretcher bars, makes it an effortlessly stylish addition to any interior.

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4 day processing time.
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Mounted Canvas

Canvas Crafted for Class.

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FAQ + Specs

The in’s and outs, and everything in between.

Mounted canvas is an artful blend of tradition and modernity. It’s a high-quality print on 17mil artist canvas, which is then mounted onto lightweight yet sturdy stretcher bars. This gives the artwork a chic, minimalist edge that’s perfect for contemporary spaces. The canvas texture adds depth and character to any image, making it a favored choice for those seeking to infuse their personal or professional environments with a touch of elegance.

Mounted canvas is a versatile decor element that seamlessly integrates with various design aesthetics. Whether it’s a vibrant photograph in a living room, a serene landscape in a bedroom, or a bold graphic in an office, mounted canvas brings a sophisticated and personalized touch to any space. Its sleek profile and the absence of a traditional frame contribute to a clean, modern look that enhances the visual appeal of the displayed content.

We cater to diverse spatial requirements by offering a wide range of sizes for our mounted canvases. From compact 12" x 12" pieces that can adorn small nooks to grand 36" x 36" canvases that command attention in larger rooms, our selection ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your space. Each size is carefully crafted to maintain the integrity and impact of your chosen artwork or photograph.

For a secure and straightforward display, we recommend using sawtooth picture hangers. These hangers are easy to install and provide stable support for your mounted canvas, ensuring that your artwork remains safely in place. The simplicity of this hanging method allows for quick adjustments and repositioning, making it a practical solution for both temporary and permanent installations.

While our mounted canvases are designed to stand out on their own, we understand the desire for additional customization. Although we do not offer framing services, we encourage exploring options with custom framing companies. They can provide specialized frames that complement the mounted canvas, adding another layer of personalization to your artwork.

Mounted canvases have found their place across a spectrum of industries, each leveraging the medium’s unique qualities to enhance their visual messaging. Medical and pharmaceutical companies use them to convey health and wellness themes, food and beverage businesses showcase appetizing imagery, entertainment venues promote events and artists, and hospitality and travel sectors create inviting scenes that evoke the joys of exploration.

The versatility of mounted canvases allows for a wide array of content to be showcased. They are an excellent medium for displaying high-resolution photos and portraits, capturing the nuances of artwork, highlighting company logos, and even presenting typographic designs. The canvas texture adds a tactile dimension that enriches the visual experience.

We prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality. Our production process is streamlined to ensure that your mounted canvas is ready for next business day delivery. This swift turnaround time allows you to enjoy your personalized artwork promptly, whether it’s for an upcoming event, a last-minute gift, or a sudden burst of inspiration to redecorate.

The colorspec 4/0 indicates full-color printing on the front side of the canvas. This process uses a combination of four primary colors—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK)—to produce a wide spectrum of hues. The result is a vibrant, true-to-life representation of your chosen image, ensuring that every detail is captured with clarity and richness.

The 17mil artist canvas we use is specifically selected for its superior print receptivity and durability. Its fine texture not only enhances the visual depth of the print but also ensures that the colors remain vivid and the details sharp over time. This makes it an ideal substrate for both art reproductions and original designs, providing a professional-grade presentation that stands the test of time.

Our goal is to offer as much flexibility as possible when it comes to personalizing your mounted canvas. However, there are certain constraints, such as the fixed range of sizes and the single-sided printing specification. These parameters are in place to guarantee the best possible product quality and to streamline the production process for timely delivery.

Mounted canvases are relatively low maintenance, but proper care can extend their lifespan. To clean the canvas, gently dust it with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the print. Additionally, keep the canvas away from direct sunlight and high humidity to prevent fading and warping.

Absolutely! We offer the option to extend your chosen print over the edges of the canvas, creating a continuous and immersive look. This technique, often referred to as a gallery wrap, allows the image to flow over the sides, giving the mounted canvas a more three-dimensional aspect when viewed from different angles. It’s an excellent choice for those who want the visual impact of their artwork or photograph to carry through the entire piece, providing a seamless and polished presentation.

Consider This

What you should know before purchasing.


What You'll Love

  • Stability: Mounted canvas is glued or adhered to a rigid board, making it more stable and less likely to warp or buckle.
  • Durability: It’s more durable and less prone to punctures and tears due to less tension on the surface.
  • Affordability: Mounted canvas is a more affordable option as it requires less material and labor compared to stretched canvas.
  • Flexibility: Offers more flexibility in terms of where it can be displayed, without the need for a traditional frame.
  • Professional Look: Provides a professional piece of art that is ready to hang as soon as it’s received.
  • Portability: Thinner than stretched canvases, making them more portable and easier to store.

Points to Ponder

  • Adjustability: Once the canvas is mounted, it cannot be stretched or adjusted, which may limit correction of imperfections.
  • Complexity: The process of mounting canvas is more complicated and time-consuming than stretching canvas, which can increase costs.
  • Size Limitation: Typically used for smaller artworks, as larger pieces may require additional support.
  • Environmental Impact: The production of mounted canvas can have an environmental footprint, though eco-friendly options are available.
  • Fading: Less prone to fading compared to cotton, but may still fade over time with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Moisture Sensitivity: Absorbs less moisture and dries quickly, reducing the risk of water damage.


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