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Menus are an indispensable marketing tool for restaurants, trade shows, and events, offering a tangible way to showcase offerings in a professional and appealing manner. These high-quality printed materials come in a diverse range of sizes and folds, ensuring they can be tailored to fit any occasion or promotional need. They provide an excellent opportunity for customers to present their selections in an organized and attractive format.

Printed in vibrant full color, menus can be customized with a variety of sizing options, paper stocks, and finishes to match the ambiance of any establishment or event. The versatility of menus makes them a practical choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience and present their products in the best possible light.

Appetizing Appeal

Menus entice with more than just words; their quality design and feel elevate the dining experience from the very first touch.

Lasting Menus

Built to last through spills and splatters, Menus preserve their pristine look through breakfast, lunch, and dinner services.

Culinary Canvas

Reflect your culinary creativity with Menus that showcase your dishes in style, tempting taste buds before the first bite.

Pricing & Pace

Starting at $40 for 1.
4 day processing time.
Nationwide shipping.
No design? We’ll design it.

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FAQ + Specs

The in’s and outs, and everything in between.

Menus come in various formats, including flat, bi-folding, tri-folding, and quad-folding. Each type offers a different way to present information and can be selected based on the amount of content and the desired customer experience.

What is the difference between these menu types?

  • Flat menus are single sheets without folds, suitable for a simple and concise presentation.
  • Bi-folding menus fold once, creating two panels on each side, ideal for separating categories like appetizers and entrees.
  • Tri-folding menus fold twice to create three panels on each side, commonly used for more extensive menus.
  • Quad-folding menus fold three times, forming four panels on each side, offering ample space for detailed menus with multiple sections.

Consider the size of your menu, the layout, and how you want customers to interact with it. Flat menus are great for quick service, while folded menus are better for sit-down restaurants with more extensive offerings.

Yes, menus can be printed in full color to showcase your food items vividly and attractively.

You can choose from a variety of paper stocks, such as glossy, matte, or textured finishes, depending on the look and feel you want to achieve.

Laminates and coatings like UV, aqueous, or satin can be applied to protect the menu from wear and tear and make it easy to clean.

Standard sizes vary, but common ones include 8.5" x 11" for flat menus and 11" x 17" for larger folded menus. Custom sizes are also available.

Absolutely, you can fully customize your menu’s design to reflect your restaurant’s branding and style.

Turnaround times depend on the complexity of the design and the quantity ordered. It’s best to discuss this with Honeybold to ensure timely delivery.

Organize your menu logically, grouping similar items together and using clear headings. Highlight specials or popular dishes to draw attention.

Yes, including high-quality images of your dishes can entice customers and provide a visual representation of what they can expect.

Yes, you can opt for recycled paper stocks and soy-based inks to reduce the environmental impact of your menus.

Consider This

What you should know before purchasing.


What You'll Love

  • Versatility: Multiple folding options allow for creative layouts and the ability to include more content without overwhelming the reader.
  • Space Optimization: Efficient use of space can showcase a variety of menu items in an organized manner, making it easier for customers to browse.
  • Customer Engagement: The physical interaction with the menu, such as unfolding sections, can enhance the customer’s experience.
  • Brand Representation: Customizable to fit the restaurant’s theme and brand, providing a cohesive dining experience.
  • Portability: Easy to carry and handle, making them convenient for customers to use and staff to store.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally more affordable to produce than book-style menus, especially for small to medium-sized establishments.

Points to Ponder

  • Wear and Tear: Frequent handling can lead to wear, especially along the folds, potentially requiring more frequent replacement.
  • Design Complexity: Requires careful design to ensure that the layout is intuitive and that information is easily accessible as the menu unfolds.
  • Printing Challenges: More complex folding patterns may lead to higher printing costs and potential alignment issues during production.
  • Limited Space: While they optimize space, there’s still a limit to how much information can be included before the menu becomes cluttered.
  • Environmental Impact: The use of paper products contributes to environmental concerns; however, eco-friendly paper options are available.
  • Update Flexibility: Changing menu items or prices can be inconvenient, as it requires reprinting the entire menu.


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