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Hang Tags

Hang onto success with premium tags.
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Hang onto success with premium tags.

Hang tags are a powerful tool for enhancing brand recognition and connecting with new customer segments. They infuse life into a diverse range of products, particularly in the apparel and retail sectors. These tags offer the space to convey essential information about the merchandise, from brand stories to product details. They are printed on the industry’s brightest white stocks, ensuring that every color pops and every message is clear.

Standard hang tags feature straight corners and a 0.125″ drill hole, making them ready for immediate use. They come in various sizes and stocks to match any product’s needs. For added durability and quality, hang tags are printed on robust 16pt stock that is both water and tear-resistant.

They are designed with a standard drill hole or a bottleneck with a round die-cut for versatile hanging options. To elevate the look, consider adding a full UV layer on the front, or select from UV, spot UV, silk, and matte coatings to give your hang tags a distinctive finish that stands out on any product. Hang tags are not just labels; they’re a statement of quality and attention to detail that reflects the value of your brand.

Product Personality

Hang Tags add character to your products, telling your brand’s story at a glance and making every item stand out.

Robust Branding

Sturdy and stylish, Hang Tags survive the retail environment to consistently deliver your message in pristine condition.

Adaptable Identity

Whether it’s clothing or accessories, Hang Tags adapt to your products, offering a versatile branding solution that sticks.

Pricing & Pace

Starting at $40 for 1.
4 day processing time.
Nationwide shipping.
No design? We’ll design it.

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Hang Tags

Hang onto success with premium tags.

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FAQ + Specs

The in’s and outs, and everything in between.

Hang tags are used to provide product information, pricing, care instructions, or branding messages. They are commonly attached to clothing, accessories, and other retail products.

Hang tags usually do not come with strings attached, but you can request string attachment as a custom option from most printers.

Yes, Honeybold offers custom shapes along with standard options.

Yes, hang tags can be used with tagging guns, but ensure the hole size is compatible with the tagging gun’s specifications.

A minimum margin of 0.5 inches from the edge is recommended to ensure that important information is not affected by the hole drilling.

Uncoated or matte paper stocks are suitable for writing, as they are less glossy and easier to write on.

A heavier cardstock with a gloss finish on both sides is recommended for a high-quality, glossy appearance.

A thicker cardstock, such as 100LB or higher, will provide a more durable and less flimsy hang tag.

Minimum order quantities can range from small batches, starting from 50, to large orders depending on your needs.

Consider This

What you should know before purchasing.


What You'll Love

  • Brand Enhancement: Hang tags can significantly boost your brand image and make your products more appealing to customers.
  • Informational: They provide a perfect space to convey essential information like product details, care instructions, or the story behind your brand.
  • Marketing Tool: Can be used as a marketing tool to highlight promotions, discounts, or unique selling points of the product.
  • Customizable: Offer a high degree of customization in terms of size, shape, material, and design to match your branding needs.
  • Visibility: Stand out on the product and attract attention, encouraging potential buyers to take a closer look.
  • Perceived Value: Well-designed hang tags can increase the perceived value of your products, justifying a higher price point.

Points to Ponder

  • Additional Cost: Adding hang tags to your products will incur extra costs for design and production.
  • Damage Risk: They can get in the way, become entangled, or get damaged during shipping and handling.
  • Loss Risk: Since they are easily removable, there’s a risk of them getting lost or detached during transit.
  • Environmental Concerns: If not made from sustainable materials, they can contribute to waste and environmental issues.
  • Overcrowding: In a retail environment with many competing products, additional tags may contribute to visual clutter.
  • Design Challenges: Creating an effective hang tag design that is both informative and visually appealing can be challenging.


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