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Coroplast Signs

Rigid Coroplast is typically used for yard, parking, real estate, and election signs. They are waterproof. If utilizing H-Stakes, place your Rigid Coroplast order with the flutes vertical. Coroplast signs can be cut to any shape. Be sure to view our gallery of shapes here. Contact us if you’d like to place a special order in any of the available shapes, or a completely custom shape that best fits your business.

Custom Shapes

Coroplast House
Coroplast Cloud
Coroplast Star
Coroplast Heart
Coroplast Starburst
Coroplast Shape Three
Coroplast Shape Two
Coroplast Shape One
Coroplast Speech Oval
Coroplast Speech Box
Coroplast Megaphone
Coroplast Circle
Coroplast Oval
Coroplast Bone
Coroplast Arrow
Coroplast Octagon
Coroplast Flower
Coroplast Diamond
Coroplast Pennant
Coroplast Helmet

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