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CMYK Foil Business Cards

Color brilliance meets metallic elegance.
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Color brilliance meets metallic elegance.

CMYK Foil Cards offer a distinctive and sophisticated touch to business cards, combining the allure of metallic ink with the full-color vibrancy of the 4-color process. This special foil technique results in a stunning foil finish with a reflective quality that stands out. The cards are an affordable option for adding a luxurious feel, with the colorful foil enhancing the design and making a statement.

These cards are suitable for businesses looking to differentiate themselves and make a memorable impression. The CMYK Foil Cards are not just visually striking but also practical, providing a unique way to showcase your brand. With customization options available, these cards can be tailored to reflect the individuality of any business. For those seeking to captivate with every exchange, CMYK Foil Cards are the perfect choice.

Colorful Impact

CMYK Foil Cards dazzle with a spectrum of colors, turning your business card into a mini billboard of brilliance.

Metallic Magnetism

Catch the light and the attention with the metallic elements of CMYK Foil Cards, making your introduction unforgettable.

Durable Distinction

With a robust build, CMYK Foil Cards endure through meetings and mixers, ensuring your contact details never fade.

Pricing & Pace

Starting at $40 for 1.
4 day processing time.
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CMYK Foil Business Cards

Color brilliance meets metallic elegance.

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FAQ + Specs

The in’s and outs, and everything in between.

CMYK Foil Business Cards are premium cards that combine traditional full-color printing with metallic foil accents. The foil can be applied to specific areas to create a striking contrast and add a touch of luxury.

The CMYK foil process involves printing full-color designs using the CMYK color model. A special foil is then applied to designated areas of the card, creating a metallic finish in the chosen colors.

Yes, you can transform any CMYK color into a sparkly foil finish, allowing for a wide range of metallic hues.

Keep text and important design elements at a minimum size to ensure clarity. Avoid using small or fine lines for foil areas, and consider the overall balance of foil and non-foil elements in your design.

Various coated stocks are available, with different cover and point weight options to choose from. The higher the number, the thicker the stock.

Yes, foil printing is available on both sides of the business card and can be combined with black or full-color ink.

You can specify the foil areas by adding foil layers to your design file. Ensure that these layers are included in your PDF along with high-resolution images in the CMYK color space.

The foil will add a metallic sheen to your chosen CMYK colors, but keep in mind that the reflective nature of the foil may affect color perception.

It’s best to avoid overly complex or intricate designs for foil areas, as the foil application process may not capture extremely fine details.

  • Use a font size of at least 7 or 8 points to ensure readability.
  • Avoid using small text or fine lines in foil as they may not print clearly.
  • Ensure that borders and strokes are more than 1.5 points.
  • Images and artwork should be at least 300 DPI to ensure high-quality printing.
  • All files should be in CMYK color mode for accurate color representation.

Consider This

What you should know before purchasing.


What You'll Love

  • Bright and Rich Foils: CMYK Foil Cards offer a vibrant and eye-catching look that can make your cards stand out.
  • Holographic Options: Available in a variety of foil options, including holographic, lenticular, and psychedelic colors.
  • Custom Sizes: You can create custom-sized foil cards to fit your specific needs and preferences.
  • Embossing and Debossing: Add a tactile element to your cards with the option to emboss or deboss the foil or substrate.
  • Die Cutting: Use die cutting to add unique shapes and designs to your foil cards for an even more distinctive look.
  • Affordable Process: The process is more affordable than traditional hot foil stamping, making it accessible for more businesses.

Points to Ponder

  • Not as Bright as Hot Foil: CMYK foil may not be as bright as traditional hot foil, which could affect the overall look.
  • Color Depth: Colors may not be as deep or vibrant when compared to hot foil, particularly darker colors.
  • Design Complexity: Creating a design that effectively incorporates foil elements can be challenging and may require professional assistance.
  • Cost of Dies: Although the process is generally more affordable, the cost of custom dies can add up, especially for intricate designs.
  • Registration Issues: Tight registration can be problematic, potentially affecting the precision of the foil application.
  • Environmental Considerations: As with any printing process, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of the materials and methods used.


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